Refund policy



  • 每件皮褸都是匠人為客人即訂即做,並經過檢查才寄出,因為得到你們的滿意是金馬的首要任務。
  • 退貨退款,客人亦可選擇換貨,更換尺碼或款式,但客人須支付有關金額的差異(如有)。
  • 請容許金馬用約五星期為你製造另一件皮褸。


    1. 必須在收到產品十天內提出要求。
    2. 必須是未穿過未洗過及未經損壞。
    3. 必須是有原裝包裝,包括所有的吊牌。
    4. 如你是本地客人,退貨/換貨必須提前預約,並且親身交回工場,客人須交付再次郵寄的費用;工場自取例外。
    5. 如你是海外客人,寄回及再寄出的快遞費用由客人自行負責,所以你可決定用任何方法來付運。
    6. 網店新張期間,特價及推廣價的產品不符合退貨/換貨條件。


    顏色 / 紋理

    • 貨品可能出現色差的問題,金馬會盡力維護貨品展示的準確程度;但由於實際顏色要視乎每個人不同的顯示器或手機,金馬不能保證產品與網絡上顯示的顏色一模一樣。
    • 另外,皮料亦會有不同批次的色差,金馬會盡量配合產品照片所示的顏色,但不可能保證是百份百一樣的。
    • 就其本質而言,皮料紋理是不可能完全一致的。這也解釋為什麼大家不單愛上它,並且為其天然的魅力而著迷。金馬在選取及剪裁時已考慮到這些特質,而大家亦需要意識到它的特性。

    如有任何疑問, 請隨時電郵到





    Customers come first. If there is any reason that customers change their mind, refund or exchange services can be done once.


    • As every single piece is Made to Order and handcrafted by our artisans, all items are checked by them before shipping as your satisfaction is our priority.
    • Instead of refund, please consider choosing another size or another style by settling the price difference, if any. 
    • Please allow us about 5 weeks for the replacement.

    In case of refund / exchange, certain aspects need to be taken care of. 

    1. The request must be raised within 10 days upon receipt. 
    2. The items must be unworn, unwashed and undamaged. 
    3. The items must be with the tag attached in the original packaging. 
    4. For local customers, the items must be brought to the workshop in person with a prior booking. Extra charges due to reposting the item must be settled by the customers, except they opt for self pick up from our workshop. 
    5. For overseas customers, they must get our confirmation email before sending back their jackets.  As the courier cost will be on your account, you can choose how they should be posted. Duties and taxes are non-refundable. 
    6. Special promotional prices due to grand opening of our online shop. Sale and promotional items are not eligible for refund or exchange. 

    Remark : Kam Ma reserves the right to reject any refund or exchange which does not comply with the policy. 

    Color / Leather Grain

    • As far as color is concerned, Kam Ma has made effort to display the colors of our products that appear on the Site as accurately as possible. However, as the actual colors you see will depend on your monitor or mobile, we can't guarantee that the display of any color will be 100% accurate. 
    • As colors of leather fabrics may vary from lots to lots, Kam Ma has tried our best to match with the colors shown, but it is simply impossible that we guarantee they are exactly the same. 
    • By its very nature, leather grains can‘t be uniformed. It also explains why so many people do not just fall in love with leather, but are also addicted  to it. Kam Ma has taken care of it when choosing or cutting the leather fabrics and customers have to be aware of it too.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

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