Privacy policy


  • 金馬不會把客人的個人資料分享給任何人或公司。
  • 金馬不會提供任何客人資料給第三方。
  • 金馬不會賣,提供及透露我們的客戶郵寄名單,電話號碼或電郵地址給任何人或公司。你的資料只供內部使用。
  • 金馬視保留的所有資料為私人及保密的直至客人要求取消(在沒有任何購買活動),更改地址或直至管理人員覺得有需要移除。
  • 金馬接受信用卡包括 Visa, Master, American Express, PayPal, Diners, Discord 及銀行轉帳。本地客人更可選用PayMe, FPS 轉數快或銀行轉帳。
  • 金馬不會儲存交易資料如PayPal 密碼,信用卡號碼及銀行戶口資料。
  • 金馬的所有的客人資料都不會被分享,借出,租出或賣出給任何人或公司。


  • 金馬收集什麼資料?
    • 使用網站時的聯絡資料及地址,包括姓名,電郵地址及當你開個人戶口時的密碼。
    • 你可選擇在瀏覽網站時不開個人戶口,但在購買產品時就必需要了;另外亦要籍此享受其他的功能如”郵寄地址及其他服務”。
    • 當你聯絡客戶服務時,金馬會要求你提供個人資料。這樣就能核身份以並確保每個人客人的資料受到保護。
    • 當你進行購物時,金馬會要求你的姓名,聯絡資料及付款方式,例如郵寄地址及聯絡電話以給你發帳單。
    • 金馬亦會收集資料以安排付運。這包括名稱,地址及收件人的電話號碼。


  • 電腦Cookies及其他電腦資料 
    • 當你瀏覽金馬網站時,會有一個永久的cookies儲存在你電腦硬碟內。這樣電腦就能夠辨別你,好讓網站能提供更佳的網上購物的體驗。
    • 你可選擇在瀏覽網站時不開個人戶口,但沒有它,你就不能完成購買程序及享愛網站特有的工能例如加入購物車及其他更個人化的購物體驗。
    • 金馬與第三方公司進行數據收集,客戶在網站內購物活動之報告,追蹤及計算市場推廣的付出及其成效。
    • 最重要的是,金馬絕對不會把客人的個人資料(例如姓名,郵寄地址,電郵地址等)與任何第三方分享。


  • 一般條款 
    • 金馬有權就價格及產品細節作出更改,而不需要預先通知。
    • 請到網站查看最更新的資料。
    • 金馬就不同的用戶可作保留限制,拒絕或設計不同網站的進入,而這些特色或更新的特色都不會預先通知。





  • Kam Ma doesn’t share any customer information with anyone or any company.
  • Kam Ma will not provide your personal information to any third party.
  • Kam Ma will not sell, offer or disclose any of our mailing list, phone or e-mail information to anyone or company. Your information is strictly for internal use only. 
  • Kam Ma retains all personal information as private that will remain in our database until customer requests removal (providing there is no purchasing activity), change of address or until management deems necessary for removal. 
  • Kam Ma accepts payment by Credit Cards like Visa, Master, American Express, Paypal, Diners and Discover. For local customers, PayMe, FPS and Bank Transfer are also accepted. 
  • Kam Ma doesn’t store any type of transaction information like paypal password, credit card number or bank account information. 
  • No information provided to Kam Ma is shared, leased, lent or sold to any company. 


  • What personal information do we collect? 
    • Kam Ma collects Address and Contact Information that you provide when ushering Kam Ma’s website (Site). This information includes your first and last name, email address and a password when you create your account. 
    • You can browse our Site without creating an account but you will need to create one when you make your purchase and in order to take advantage of certain features, such as “Ship Address and other services".
    • We may ask you to confirm your personal information when you contact our Customer Service Department. This will allow us to protect your confidentiality by certifying your identity.
    • When you make a purchase, we collect your name, contact details and payment method information such as Address and Contact Number in order to bill you for your purchase. 
    • We also collect information that allows us to ship your order. This includes the name, address and phone number of the intended recipient. 


  • Cookies & Other Computer Information 
    • When you visit Kam Ma, you will be assigned a permanent “cookie” to be stored on your computer’s hard drive. The purpose is to identify you when you visit our Site so that we can enhance and customise your online shopping experience. 
    • You can choose to browse without cookies, but without it, you will not be able to complete a purchase or take advantage of certain features of this Site. These features include storing your Shopping Cart for later use and providing a more personalised shopping experience in the future. 
    • We also contract with third parties to provide us with: data collection and reporting services regarding our customers’ activities on the Site, tracking and measuring performance of our marketing efforts and your response to our marketing efforts.
    • Above all, none of your personality identifiable information (such as your name, address, email address, etc.) will be received by or shared with any third parties. 


  • General Policy 
    • Price and product details are subject to change without notice. 
    • See website for most current information. 
    • Kam Ma reserves the right to limit, deny or create different access to the Site and its features with respect to different users, or to change any of the features or introduce new features without prior notice.
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