The Story Of Kam Ma

Kam Ma Leather Garments Workshop was set up by Linda and Raymand in 1990, specialising in bespoke leather jackets. We do everything from drawing custom paper patterns to sewing, by hand whenever possible. Kam Ma is one of the very few workshops that has the entire production process situated in Hong Kong. We are proud of our "Made in Hong Kong" brand and products.

Starting Up An Online Store

Kam Ma has always focused on our B2B business. Facing the radical changes of the business environment, Kam Ma decided in 2018/2019 to change our old business model and embrace the digital world by creating its own website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Our aim of transitioning from purely B2B to B2B + B2C is twofold: Firstly, to reach clients directly and remove any middleman commissions so every penny of our clients are spent on their unique bespoke leather jackets. Secondly, to meet the different needs of each individual, an online shop has been created so that clients can easily purchase their favourite Made To Order (MTO) jackets. It takes as fast as 2-3 weeks to make the jackets by hand. In case small adjustments are required, our Made To Measure (MTM) services are available with an extra minimal cost. Undoubtedly, our capability to provide a one-stop service on bespoke leather jackets is our specialty.

Hong Kong SAR (HKD $)